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"The way you guys have worked with that kid and his family has been a real eye opener. I knew he was worth it."

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" Suddenly at ELS when they called it was to say he had done well at school! " Parent

Teaching & Learning with our Ears, Eyes, Heart and Undivided Attention !

Quality Assurance by Hounslow Local Authority

Date: 20 December 2020


By: Ian Berryman - WPES


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Directors | Founders

Saf Ghapson


Previously headteacher of an independent school.


An experienced practitioner, who has worked in educational settings for 20 years, successfully developing and implementinglearning strategies with a focus on raising achievement.


Chandra Ladwa


Experienced educationalist with a successful track record in challenging and supporting improved outcomes for young people and their families.


Has over 25 years of teaching experience including being a Head of Curriculum, Head of Year and Director of Staff Development and Training.


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What We Believe 


  • Teaching and learning with our eyes, ears, heart and undivided attention.

  • Teaching and learning in a highly boundaried and supportive environment/relationship.​ 



  • Developing emotional literacy greatly enhances academic attainment



  • Complementing rather than competing with existing arrangements.



  • To be recognized as the most innovative provider of high quality, alternative education provision and flexible tuition. 




  • To consistently provide our clients and students/pupils with CHOICE AND CONTROL


Aims & Objectives


  • We are committed to a client centred and relationship approach.

  • We are committed to designing and implementing support that is needs responsive and represents best value. 



  • We are committed to working with the student/client in context of family/carer and other agencies to promote accountability, consistency, continuity and improvement.


  • We are committed to the principles of reflexive practice and lifelong learning and ensure that it is reflected in our practice, policy and training.

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