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Years 7-11

Interim Education Provision 


Working with Schools/LA's

Working with Schools/LA's

"The way you guys have worked with that kid and his family has been a real eye opener. I knew he was worth it."

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Teaching & Learning with our Ears, Eyes, Heart and Undivided Attention!

Working with Carer/Guardian

Working with Carer/Guardian

" Suddenly at ELS when they called it was to say he had done well at school! " Parent

Short | Medium Term Education Interventions 

This is a response to the requirement for schools



For children in care the government recommends that provision is made from the first day of exclusion.



We work with students who are out of school for other complex situations varying from legal to medical.


For students in transition between education provisions, between boroughs or other circumstances

Day 6 Provision


Transient | Complex Needs

Ethan's Story

Issey''s Story


I have been very impressed with the personal commitment, care and warmth that all the staff have put into developing positive relationships with Ethan and this has allowed him to really build his confidence and re-engage in learning.



3 years of isolation had taken a toll.  She was aware that her absence from school and peers meant she struggled with large groups and exam situations. These situations often led to panic attacks. This situation had hindered Parents efforts to get her back into mainstream school.



Respite Education

Timeout from mainstream for students experiencing behavioural, academic or social difficulties.


An opportunity for reflection and preparation for reintegration.


Ethan's Story

  Challenging Students In a Caring & Listening Environment


  • Bright student - out of education for approximately 3 years 

  • Issues: Missed schooling

  • Long term illness

  • Bullied at school

  • Anxiety attacks (particularly in groups and when under stress)

  • Diagnosed with Dyspraxia

  • great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


  • Felt to have an intimidating influence on other students

  • Issues: In and out of school due to exclusions

  • identified as Pre NEET

  • Low level of literacy and numeracy

  • Involvement in Gang culture

  • Difficulty with Authority

  • Bright student with challenging behaviour

  • Issues: Non Attendce at school

  • Identified as PreNEET

  • Identity/Cultural issues

  • Challenging behaviour

Attend centre

Engage with subjects

Sit GCSE’s 

Manage anxiety

Go into further education or training

Case Studies
Teaching & Learning

Headteacher's Peace of Mind!


  • Know that your students are with qualified and experienced teachers who will cater for their academic needs to a high standard. This has been equally valuable for students undertaking their mock exams or preparing coursework.



  • Experienced teachers with skills in guidance and counselling to providing an emotional container whilst addressing academic attainment.


  • A bespoke curriculum addressing individual needs negotiated with you.



  • We work very closely with the students family/carer to ensure effective communication, minimising anxiety and tensions with all parties.


  • Collaborate closely with the referrer to ensure that we complement and add to what has already taken place and is currently in place. 



  • We will work closely with all parties to ensure that reintegration plans are agreed and executed effectively.

Social, Emotional & Behavioural


  • Experienced teachers with skills in guidance and counselling to providing an emotional container whilst addressing academic attainment.



  • Years experience of working therapeutically with marginalsed children and carers.


  • ​Within a time frame of 9.45am - 2.45pm, we will construct a programme to suit your needs. 

  • The time slot negates any chances of students interacting with mainstream students.

  • For exams or mock exams, times will be adjusted accordingly.

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  High Support

  High Expectations

Academic & Emotional Literacy

Understanding the Whole Child

Environment - Small is Beautiful

Improved skills for managing own learning and behaviour.


Improved self- esteem.


Improved relationship with authority.


Improved or maintained level of academic progress.

The 4 Cornerstones


  • Small class size: 4

  • An adult professional environment.

  • Access to leisure facilities.

Professional Environment

Professional Environment

Invest In Their Future

Invest In Their Future

"Away From Local Schools"

"Away From Local Schools"


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