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Fact File - Ethan


Date of Enrolment


  • January 2013 - July 2013


Reason for Referral



  • Lacking Confidence


Core Engagement


  • ​​Full time at ELS Centre




  • Eng|Math|Science|PSCHE

  • Fitness & Sport


Family Work


  • Daily Update








  • Red Balloon

Dear Chandra

I just wanted to say how grateful we are for the support you and the team at ELS Education have given Ethan over the last few months.


Before he started, we were very concerned by Ethan's level of disengagement.  

However during his time with you, it has been notable how calm and relaxed he has been; both on going to, and returning from, tuition sessions. 


I have been very impressed with the personal commitment, care and warmth that all the staff have put into developing positive relationships with Ethan and this has allowed him to really build his confidence and re-engage in learning. 


It has been a real pleasure to hear Ethan talk about the work he has been doing and to show interest and pleasure in completing homework! 


The emphasis on practical learning has really worked well for him; as has the sports and fitness sessions which have contributed to a holistic approach to his education.

Thanks again for all your support;
I think Ethan is now in a really good position to move onto his new school.

I have ccd in our principal officer at the LA for their information.

Best wishes

Sarah Miller




Euan arrived at ELS professing his love for football and only football. 


Left here on his way to becoming a tennis titan and fitness class fantic!


Still loves football!

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