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Our Approach

The 4 Cornerstones

Teaching & Learning with our Ears, Eyes, Heart and Undivided Attention !

"The way you guys have worked with that kid and his family has been a real eye opener. I knew he was worth it."

Personalised Learning

Learn to Read

" Suddenly at ELS when they called it was to say he had done well at school! " Parent

Not fitting in at school or place of learning?


It may be that, a personalised education programme better meets your child’s needs.


This might be the decision, which results in improving your child’s attainment and progression.


Such arrangements need to be based on strategies to prevent similar problems re-occurring and spiralling.

  High Support

  High Expectations

Academic & Emotional Literacy

Understanding the Whole Child

Environment - Small is Beautiful

The 4 Cornerstones

High Support | High Expectations


We believe the most demanding students deserve the most committed and qualified staff. At ELS, we deliver high quality teaching by qualified staff with experience of reengaging and enabling students.


We have high expectations of our students to begin to realize their full potential, regardless of background.

Attention to Academic and Emotional Literacy


We address learning needs accordingly, by establishing a firm foundation in literacy and numeracy or english, math and science. Confident with the basics, our boundaried and safe environment accelerates students progress.


We provide a seamless therapeutic container to address arising issues.

Self-awareness, particularly the ability to understand their behaviour, is a major focus.

Understanding Your Whole Child


We always work with your child in context of family/carer and other stakeholders to promote accountability, consistency, continuity and improvement.


You will be fully involved in and informed of any decisions made.

We will maintain regular contact throughout.


Staff have in depth knowledge of local stakeholders and years experience of working successfully with families | carers.



Environment - Small is Successful


We recognise the impact of peer influence and the stigma of ‘shame’ on a young persons learning and behaviour.


One of our first lessons is to teach students to, “ learn to fail gloriously”.


With maximum class size of 4 at ELS, we are better able to meet your child’s academic, personal and social needs away from numerous distractions. This is a safer environment to learn ways of managing relationships, particularly with authority.

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