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I have not only gained an enhanced understanding in my favourite subject of science, I have also Improved my confidence and the ability to say "I can do this"


— Alisa from Hounslow







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Parent Comments

"My daughter had moved from being a C student in year 10 to an A* student in year 11..  Its Amazing!!!
Thank you to all the staff at Effective Learning Services."


— Daksha from Hounslow

Alternative Provision








Acton High is a large co- educational 11 to 18 High School.                   We have the capacity to accommodate 240 students in years 7 to 11and we presently have 150 students in our sixth form.


Our motto is ‘Achievement by all’ and we are constantly striving to ensure that all our students leave us well qualified and equipped to face the challenges they are likely to encounter in later life.


There are a cohort of students however, who as they near the end of Key Stage4, have a tendency to disengage with the mainstream curriculum on offer in school. This academic year we have referred some of our students fitting this profile to the ELS provision.

The ELS team has supported these students academically and have also worked well with the families of the individuals referred.


Earlier this year the ELS team were asked to input into our Year 11 study skills programme. The team worked with a cohort of 30 students on revision skills, motivation techniques etc.

The feedback from students was very positive, the session was well received.


We are hoping to continue and build on the working relationship we have with the ELS team well into the future.


— Deborah Straughn (Dep Head Acton High School) 






"Francesca achieved 3A*s , 6A's and a B. A for maths, A for Physics, A for Biology and a B for Chemistry. Pretty amazing results.
All your hard work and of course her input truly paid off. I really wanted to say a very big thank you."


— Anna from Chiswick

ELS have been absolutely fantastic. They provide tailored packages of study to meet the needs of any student. Our school referred a student to work with ELS full time throughout the duration of Year 11. Their exemplary professionalism and expertise has led to a highly successful placement for the student.

Crucially, ELS adapt their learning packages to also suit the needs and requirements of school. Their impressive flexibility was telling as the timetable package was organised for our student.

Using therapeutic, academic and motivational strategies, ELS deliver a rich and varied approach to ensure student development. Their work is underpinned with building extensive links with the student’s home. This provides school with a great sense of security as close home relations are built and developed through regular parental dialogue.

ELS never stop. Parental dialogue occurs at any time of the day. ELS are always there for the student and the family’s need. This in-turn provides crucial support and trust with the student and the family as a whole.

Due to their expertise and experience, ELS can work with any given student. Highly able students will be inspired to achieve their maximum grades; whilst students facing barriers to their learning will benefit from personalised approaches to their learning. ELS navigate all students to become engaged and involved in their own success due to their rich and varied methods of work.

Moreover, regular contact is kept with the school. ELS provide weekly reports, up-dating the school on the student’s progress. Further, they attend on-site meetings at school to guarantee the same pastoral and academic opportunities for their student that all students have access to.

Due to their unyielding dedication and level of expertise, ELS provide incredible value-for-money.


— A Coyle (Head of year 11)



"Issey seems to be having a great time in Costa Rica and Henry is really on the ball for Twyford. You have done such a good job."


— Andrea from Chiswick

— Rose from New York, NY

"Amazing !!!!

Isn’t this just brilliant?  Many, many, thanks to you all for making this possible, and of course also for Henry’s results."


Daniel from Chiswick

— Rose from New York, NY

— Rose from New York, NY

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

— Rose from New York, NY

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

— Rose from New York, NY